COVID Communications

In an effort to keep our customers updated on how Triad can offer assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic we have updated our communication practices. As a reminder, Triad does not email individual employees in your organization and we depend on you to share the materials we send so that your team can take advantage of the benefit provided.

Triad EAP HR Newsletter 

The newsletter has been reformatted to provide a one-stop-shop of information from Triad EAP. We strongly encourage you to share the content with your organization.  Each issue will focus on giving employees access to quick, relavent information on how they can manage their mental health and well-being during this time.  During the pandemic, the frequency of delivery has increased to two issues monthly.

DIY Handout

About once a month we will email the Triad DIY.  This should be shared with your employees.  The goal is to provide tipson current issues that help employees build coping skills on their own.  

EAP Insights

EAP Insights provides a more detailed exploration of current mental health and wellness topics that impact our lives.  The quarterly publication covers a wide range of topics.


The pandemic has allowed us to explore a new method of providing trainings to our clients through webinars.  As a courtesy to our clients during this time we have been producing free webinars on topics such as Self Care, Resiliency, Parenting, Managing with Empathy and Working From Home.  Employees can view the recordings on the Webinar page.  

Benefit Fairs and Overviews

While social distancing restrictions are limiting our ability to come and present to your organization we can still help get information about the benefit to your employees.  If you need promotional materials please contact Kenra Haftel.  Personalized webinars can be scheduled for a reduced fee. Contact Amy Weitzel for scheduling and pricing information.