Parenting and Helping Children During COVID-19

As adults, we were simply not prepared for the impact coronavirus would have on our lives. The mixed emotions we are feeling at this time are difficult to navigate but explaining the pandemic to our children can be overwhelming. How do we answer their questions when we might not have the answers ourselves? The handouts, articles and webinars below are available to help you navigate this uncertain time.

Downloadable handouts

Links to trusted articles

  • How to help with children and their mental health during the pandemic, click here.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has pulled together some tips for managing stress and anxiety parents. Click here for more information.
  • Working parents need extra supporting during the pandemic. Here's the article.
  • How can divorced parents get on the same page about coronavirus? This article gives helpful hints.
  • The holidays will be extra hard for kids.  Here is a great article on how to maintain magic of rituals amid COVID-19



  • Parenting During the Age of COVID-19:  This webinar focuses on giving parenting tips and advice on how to speak to your children about the severity with what is happening in the world today but in terms that is age appropriate for them. Sue Polan, MA, LPC, specializes in working with kids of all ages and will answer questions on how you can talk to your kids about the pandemic. Click here to view this webinar.
  • Working Parents -- How to Juggle Your Changing Demands and Homeschool Your Child: Click here to view this webinar.

Educational podcasts for kids

NPR has vetted 19 podcasts that are appropriate for kids to promote learning on various topics all compiled here. Check it out to promote additional learning while your kids are seeking new experiences during self-isolation time.


The National Traumatic Stress Network released guidelines to help parents navigate conversations with children of different ages in an appropriate manner.