We all know it’s virtually impossible to leave work problems at work and home problems at home, which is why a strong Employee Assistance Program is vital support for employees stressed at home or work. 

EAP counseling provides confidential, short-term, solution-focused counseling to help tackle various issues today’s employees are facing. Counseling can be face-to-face or telephonic and is the choice of employee. Some people prefer human contact. Triad offers face-to-face counseling, especially for situations such as grief or marriage counseling. However, many employees are now requesting telephonic counseling to accommodate busy work schedules or geographical challenges so Triad now also offers counseling via telephone.

Triad also offers 24-hour crisis counseling after-hours and on weekends to employees and their dependents. This service also works with management in the event of organizational crisis to contact Triad directly to deploy resources.

Life challenges can impact even the strongest and most grounded employee. Employees are seeking help and an employer is in a unique position to offer assistance. Triad provides a safe and confidential place for employees to get emotional support, resources, referrals and help with other, other stressors such as legal and financial problems.

Your employees will be grateful that someone was there answering their calls and helping them talk things through. Let Triad shoulder some of the responsibilities for supporting your employees.