Direct Services & COVID

Despite the challenges of social distancing and shifting to telehealth, Triad EAP is still offering direct services to our clients. Direct services -- supervisory referrals, conflict resolution, crisis support onsite and training programs -- are still being offered althought they may be modified for the foreseeable future. Where it's possible, we will be offering services via telehealth platforms to protect the health of our counselors as well as the health of your employees. As various areas and organizations we serve begin to open, we will offer direct services in person as necessary and only if it's safe. 

Below you will find more information about the direct services we offer.

Supervisory Referral

Employees challenged by emotional, financial and legal troubles are absent more often, utilize more healthcare benefits, file higher rates of disability claims and grievances, have more workplace accidents, create supervisory problems, disrupt their work group, damage morale, and are more likely to abuse substances. These employees can also be top performers who are going through tough times. Read more

Conflict Resolution

Unresolved employee conflict is perhaps the largest, least recognized, and yet fixable cost in organizations today. Often, we see conflict as a negative so it's easy to either ignore it or handle it poorly. However, leadership experts have shown that conflict handled well can strengthen an organization. Read more

Crisis Support Onsite

When an unfortunate tragedy occurs at work or involves co-workers, it can affect people differently. People affected by trauma can experience difficulty sleeping, nightmares, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, eating too little or too much, or numbness or lack of feeling. All of these reactions are normal reactions and the duration can vary from person to person. Read more

Training Programs

Many employees are looking beyond basic benefits from their employers and are wanting more opportunities for personal and professional development. Our training programs will be offered via webinar.
Training programs are investment in employees that can:
• Create greater employee loyalty
• Increase employee productivity
• Improve retention figures
• Help employees transition in to management and leadership roles
• Assist recruitment practices
• Improve resiliency among workers and raise work stress thresholds Read more