Links to trusted articles

  • Here is a thorough resource guide that touches on what to expect as we go back to school in the fall of 2020.
  • Here is a great resource for parents and educators and several articles to help during the pandemic.
  • The misdiagnosis of teachers -- coping with stress during COVID-19. Click here.
  • This article discusses the unsung heroes of the pandemic and how teachers are coping.
  • As schools reopen, this article examines if the teachers are OK and what schools can do about it.
  • The Mental Health Foundation has released this guide that looks at the challenges faced by schools and pupils and how various stakeholders can support the schools as kids and school staff return to school. 
  • Anxiety and overwhelm are just a few of the emotions teachers report feeling as the return to the classroom. Here is how they can be supported during this time.
  • Education leaders can support teachers as they enter uncharted territory. Here's how.
  • This toolkit provides valuable information from how to take care of yourself to supporting others through COVID-19.