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Managing with Empathy: As we begin to manage others during a time of social distancing, how can managers help bridge the gap as workers are working remotely and are dealing with the additional stressors of uncertainty, change, and other issues related to the pandemic? This training addresses:
  • Providing resources for increased anxiety, stress or depression
  • Recognizing mental health issues that may occur as screen time and isolation increase
  • Helping hold people accountable with empathy
  • How to hold and set boundaries while working remotely
  • What is empathy and how to increase it in the digital arena
You can view this webinar by clicking here. Use the password: s3.Uw2KW Transforming your Team Overnight: This webinar looks at how many managers have had to learn how to manage remote workers quickly and during challenging and stressful times. Learn valuable information to help make the transition easier.

Leading during a crisis -- How leaders can support their teams: This 20-minute webinar delves in to what employees may be facing during the pandemic and how managers can support them. This small panel of counselors discuss the trauma response and how layers of stress can affect employees and appropriate ways managers can respond. Click here to view this on-demand webinar.

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