Mindfulness & Resiliency

Mindfulness is a way to help employees turn their attention away from what is unknown and back to the present moment, which can be both calming and stabilizing.


This half-hour training discusses how to become more resilient during the pandemic with the proper mindset, tools and online resources. We also cover EAP resources through Triad.

NOTE: The correct 800 number to access Triad EAP is 877-679-1100. It is listed incorrectly in the webinars. Self-Care 101: This webinar helps viewers understand the importance of self-care and how it impacts all areas of their life. We will create a "to do list" focusing on finding activities that reduce stress and improve health. Learn how to set SMART goals focused to improve self-care practices.  You can view this webinar by clicking here. Use the password: E9+%N93?



  • Wisdom 2.0 is an annual conference looking at bringing mindfulness to various areas of everyday life. Here is a link to videos from past conferences.
  • Guy Winch, a New York psychologist and TedTalk speaker, discusses the importance of emotional hygiene in this 15-minute TedTalk that has more than 10 million views. A related article is below.

Links to trusted articles

  • Guy Winch outlines seven ways you can practice emotional hygiene in this article.