Promoting Your EAP

No matter how excellent the EAP's services are, they don’t do any good unless they are used, thus introducing the EAP’s benefits and providing regular reminders to employees is essential.
Secret of Happiness

"We act as if comfort & luxury were the chief requirements of life — when all we really need to make us happy is something to be entusiastic about."
   - Charles Kingsley

Research predicts that 2 to 10% of your employees will use the EAP each year. Higher use returns greater benefits. The more your EAP is a valued part of your business strategy, the more your organization reaps the bottom-line benefits of reduced absenteeism & turnover, less health care use, and greater productivity.

We work closely with our clients to make sure their EAP service is promoted effectively at start-up and on an ongoing basis. Many of our materials can be personalized. Promotional support and marketing Initiatives --most distributed in electronic format-- include:
  • Customized brochures
  • Wallet cards
  • Worksite posters
  • Monthly poster/message
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Customized website offering 5,000+ articles, tip sheets, interactive self-assessments, personal plans, audio files, and articles with resources available in English and Spanish
To further increase awareness of the EAP we encourage clients to invite us to the worksite to provide brownbag training programs, and to attend annual benefits enrollment meetings and health fairs.

Many organizations share information about their health insurance, wellness initiatives, and other benefits with TRIAD so we can communicate and cross-refer to employees when appropriate.

We guarantee implementation and seamless transition from your current program.