Resiliency Training

This 60-minute training discusses how to become more resilient during the pandemic with the proper mindset, tools and online resources. We also cover EAP resources through Triad.

NOTE: The correct 800 number to access Triad EAP is 877-679-1100. It is listed incorrectly in the webinars.


Managing with Empathy: As we begin to manage others during a time of social distancing, how can managers help bridge the gap as workers are working remotely and are dealing with the additional stressors of uncertainty, change, and other issues related to the pandemic? This training will address:
  • Providing resources for increased anxiety, stress or depression
  • Recognizing mental health issues that may occur as screen time and isolation increase
  • Helping hold people accountable with empathy
  • How to hold and set boundaries while working remotely
  • What is empathy and how to increase it in the digital arena
You can view this webinar by clicking here.

Working from Home

Help! How Do I Work from Home? The focus is on providing tips for working at home. For many people, being required to suddenly work from home is a challenge as they were removed from their traditional workspace. Seemingly over night, they were required to set up a home office space, leave their daily routines behind along with their daily contact with co-workers, and were asked to do work completely different. Change can be difficult, but entirely changing one’s work routine can be overwhelming. During this training, we cover topics including:

  • Establishing healthy boundaries between home and work life
  • How do you manage a family with my work duties
  • What are ways to stay connected with co-workers
  • How to stay productive while working from home
  • Tips to maintain mental health while isolating
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Self-Care 101: This webinar helps viewers understand the importance of self-care and how it impacts all areas of their life. We will create a "to do list" focusing on finding activities that reduce stress and improve health. Learn how to set SMART goals focused to improve self-care practices.  You can view this webinar by clicking here. Parenting
This webinar focuses on giving parenting tips and advice on how to speak to your children about the severity with what is happening in the world today but in terms that is age appropriate for them. Sue Polan, MA, LPC, specializes in working with kids of all ages and will answer questions on how you can talk to your kids about the pandemic.

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QPR: Suicide Gatekeeper Training

This training teaches lay people how to prevent suicide through the QPR model: Question, Persuade, Refer. This training is even more critical as mental health is being tested as people are being asked to self-isolate; employees are working in new and often more stressful environments; workers in various industries are being asked to put their health on the line; others are losing jobs; and finances are stretched thin. Learn how to recognize when someone may be suicide and what you can do to prevent it. Call 877-679-1100 to schedule this training.