Strategic Management

Triad EAP has redefined the traditional EAP concept to support our Human Resources departments with management-focused solutions to not only minimize costs and maximize productivity but to also continue our focus on supporting your employees.   

The strategic management services at Triad EAP were created and further developed to:

  • Respond to onsite crisis situations 
  • Assist in addressing employee performance issues
  • Provide resources to Human Resources professionals for substance abuse, conflict resolution, and organizational development challenges
  • Offer professional and personal development by professional trainers

Triad EAP is the support foundation for HR teams and organizational leaders during times of need with resources and trained response teams.

Supervisory Referral

Employees challenged by emotional, financial and legal troubles are absent more often, utilize more healthcare benefits, file higher rates of disability claims and grievances, have more workplace accidents, create supervisory problems, disrupt their work group, damage morale, and are more likely to abuse substances. These employees can also be top performers who are going through tough times. Read more

Conflict Resolution

Unresolved employee conflict is perhaps the largest, least recognized, and yet fixable cost in organizations today. Often, we conflict as a bad and either ignore it or handle it poorly. However, leadership experts have shown that conflict handled well can strengthen an organization. Read more

Crisis Support Onsite

When an unfortunate tragedy occurs at work or involves co-workers, it can affect people differently. People affected by trauma can experience difficulty sleeping, nightmares, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, eating too little or too much, or numbness or lack of feeling. All of these reactions are normal reactions and the duration can vary from person to person.
Triad EAP can help consult and triage with management and help you support your employees. 

A survey by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that about 5% of all businesses experienced an incident of workplace violence each year, with this rate being much higher at 50% for larger size organizations with more 1,000 workers. An average of five violent crimes are committed at work each year per 1,000 employees. According to recent OSHA statistics, more than 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. 

The untimely death of an employee or someone who is close to the organization, a robbery, shooting, terrorist attack, natural disaster, and other unfortunate tragedies can have a profound impact on employees. Additionally, organizational upheaval and financial challenges have created unprecedented levels of workplace turmoil -- reductions-in-force, reorganizations, mergers, and other transitions.

Uncertainty, grief, trauma, and depression, even for employees who weren't directly impacted, can show up weeks or months later, and continue to hurt productivity and morale.
Triad can help an organization's leaders prepare, support, and help their people recover from a tragedy. Crisis support services are provided to all of our client organizations, their employees, and dependents on a 24-hour basis.

Onsite Support

A counselor can come on-site to talk with employees who have been affected and give them an opportunity to talk about their feelings. Onsite support also provides guidance about what they can expect to normalize feelings and emotions and assist them to return to normalcy as quickly as possible.

We can also provide guidance to organizational leadership to help them respond to the tragedy so they can help employees navigate the psychological and emotional fallout of a tragedy.

Other Crisis Support Resources

We can consult with your managers and leadership by phone regarding tragedies or any difficult employee situation. Counselors are available on a 24/7/365 basis for any urgent personal or family crisis Informational handouts on dealing with workplace grief, loss, anger and other feelings in the wake of a workplace tragedy.

On 9/11, Howard Lutnick, CEO of the brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald saw his young son off to his first day at kindergarten. Lutnick arrived late at the World Trade Center and then hopelessly tried to reach his employees on the 101st to 105th floors. That day Lutnick said he lost not only his biological brother but also 700 members of his work family:

"I have to do something for the 700 families. Seven hundred families. I can't say it without crying."

In confronting death, Lutnick realized something every business person needs to know. Our workplaces are not just gatherings of strangers who assist us in our livelihood. In a very real sense, they are a second family, the people we've come to know as well as we know anyone. On Sept. 11, nothing mattered beyond the lives of those thousands of coworkers.

Training Programs

Many employees are looking beyond basic healthcare benefits package from their employers and are wanting more comprehensive benefits packages that include opportunities for personal and professional development.

Investing in employees through worksite learning programs can result in an average of 28 percent reduction in sick days, which also shows a direct correlation in increased productivity, according to the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism. 

When Johnson & Johnson began running wellness programs, which included onsite training, they saw amazing results including the reduction in the number of smokers by two-thirds and declining number of employees with high blood pressure by more than half. The organization estimated that wellness programs saved the company $250 million on health care costs over a decade, with the ROI of $2.71 for every dollar spent. 

Triad’s Training Programs are designed to educate and motivate employees to be proactive and effective in managing their work responsibilities and personal lives. Clients can either take advantage of our worksite learning or online webinars. Trainings are a great way to increase awareness of Triad’s services and show employees your investment in them as individuals.

Trainings are brought to life by experienced professionals who utilize a variety of techniques to engage participants and create a strong adult learning environment. The trainings are traditionally 60-minutes in length to accommodate work schedules or lunch-hour events. Facilitators strive to create dialogue, discussion, and a sharing of ideas. 

Triad Trainings offer a variety of topics to help employees learn new skills, cope with life’s stressors, and motivate participants to be more proactive in managing work responsibilities and personal lives. The goal is to develop a workforce culture that embraces continued growth, learning, and employee wellness and engagement; focuses on work outcomes; and discovers greater work-life balance. 

Leadership Coaching

Leaders provide a lot to an organization and they make it seem effortless. Good leaders provide guidance to an organization’s direction and to individual teams; they build morale and foster creativity; they promote core company values; and communicate valuable information to keep the organization running smoothly. Good leaders can really drive an organization, and, conversely, bad leaders can destroy it.

Strong leaders will help grow businesses and inspire employees. Leadership Coaching is an investment in the people leading an organization. Coaching can help develop leaders’ strengths and overcome challenges to create dynamic and engaging leaders at the helm of the ship.

Leadership Coaching is an effective way to improve interpersonal effectiveness, increase performance and productivity and achieve work satisfaction and success.  Using a client focused and client-driven approach, a Professional Coach empowers individuals to reach attainable goals, providing unbiased feedback by asking questions that motivate, provoke thought and inspire reflection. 

Everyone can benefit from Professional Coaching and services are tailored to support and promote leadership on all organizational levels.  When working with a Professional Coach, expect to:

  • Clarify your goals and identify potential obstacles
  • Develop actionable, measurable and realistic steps to reach your goals 
  • Be supported, encouraged, and held accountable for your action steps 
  • Develop skills to sustain change long after coaching ends

Although one or two coaching sessions can help identify primary challenges, a six-session series enables you to experience enduring change; something different, something better, something bigger in your life.

Substance Abuse Prevention/IntroVentions

Seventy-six percent of illegal drug users are employed either full or part-time. And alcohol is the most widely abused substance among working adults, especially men.

Businesses in the United States pays a high price for substance abuse issues. Some costs are obvious -- absenteeism and accidents and errors – while others are less obvious – low employee morale and high illness rates. Substance abuse in the workplace costs U.S. employers $100 billion annually, according to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug information.

Employees who abuse alcohol or drugs are far less productive; use three times as many sick days; are more likely to injure themselves or others; and are five times more likely to file worker’s compensation claims, according to NCADI.

Triad EAP has partnered with IntroVentions, a leading provider of evidence-based online substance abuse programs for the workplace in the areas of prevention and intervention. The program is an add-on benefit for organizations who can participate in both the prevention and intervention programs, just one or neither. 

The prevention program can be used during onboarding programs with new employees and as remedial training for existing employees. “Alcohol-Wise Workplace” is tailored to your company’s alcohol and drug policies. The interactive course provides information on the risk levels for the employee’s use of alcohol and drugs. For employees identified as at-risk, online intervention programs are then available.

Two programs are offered for intervention goals -- if substance use has been suspected or established: “Under the Influence Workplace” (to address alcohol issues) and “Marijuana 101” (to address marijuana-specific issues). These programs include evidenced-based online intervention programs and tailored summary report of substance abuse related problems. An Extended Intervention program part 2 is also offered to complement both programs, which includes four follow-up interventions through a 30-day period.

Fast Facts

  • Every four minutes, someone in the United States dies from drug or alcohol addiction – the equivalent of a jet crashing every day.
  • 20 million Americans are suffering
  • 23 million more are in recovery
  • 1 in 3 households are personally impacted
  • Addiction costs the United States $442 billion every year – 70% of which comes from lost productivity in the private sector
  • Addiction doesn’t just impact families and communities – it’s impacting the American economy