Working During the Pandemic

Whether you are a first responder braving the virus in person or the employee learning to be productive at home, COVID-19 has changed business as normal for everyone.


Help! How Do I Work from Home? The focus is on providing tips for working at home. For many people, being required to suddenly work from home is a challenge as they were removed from their traditional workspace. Seemingly over night, they were required to set up a home office space, leave their daily routines behind along with their daily contact with co-workers, and were asked to do work completely different. Change can be difficult, but entirely changing one’s work routine can be overwhelming. During this training, we cover topics including:

  • Establishing healthy boundaries between home and work life
  • How do you manage a family with my work duties
  • What are ways to stay connected with co-workers
  • How to stay productive while working from home
  • Tips to maintain mental health while isolating
Click here to access training. Use password: x2W4l4 Transforming your Team Overnight: This webinar looks at how many managers have had to learn how to manage remote workers quickly and during challenging and stressful times. Learn valuable information to help make the transition easier.



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