Become a Provider

Triad EAP offers both mental health counseling and life coaching to customer-employees through our provider network. The provider’s role is critical in:

  • creating a local presence for Triad
  • utilizing knowledge of the community and local resources to serve clients
  • provide rapid response in times of crisis 

Triad network providers experience minimal paperwork and fast and easy referral to reimbursement.

Triad network counselors have a Master’s or Doctorate degree in a human services-related field, an active license in the state where they practice, and knowledge or experience of working with employee assistance programs.

Triad network life coaches have at least two from the following: a Master’s or Doctorate degree; minimum of three years of relevant work experience; or a coaching certification from an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program.

Triad network providers should have some knowledge of EAP technology:

  • The importance of a thorough assessment including mental health, substance abuse, financial, legal, dependent care and workplace issues. 
  • The need to coordinate with insurance companies and their networks when there is a need beyond Triad EAP benefits.
  • Awareness of organizational structure and the role of Human Resources. 
  • The need to remain neutral and refer clients back to the employer when they have issues that relate to the workplace.
  • View of the client as a customer that is part of a larger organization. The client’s experience with Triad services may impact the business relationship between Triad and the employer.

Triad providers may also offer specialized services for a direct service per the employer's request. Those direct services include substance abuse evaluations, conflict resolution, on-site crisis support, supervisory referrals, and may also include training, workplace consultation, and leadership coaching. 

To be considered for the Triad network, either complete the online application or download a hard copy. You will need the following information:

  • Tax ID
  • Clinic Address(s) and phone number
  • License(s) and Certification Numbers
  • Dates of Issue and Expiration for Licenses and Certifications
  • Liability Insurance Certificate with Coverage Limits and Expiration Date

Upon receipt of your application, we will add the information about your practice to our outreach directory. We will contact you directly if services are needed in your area. To fill out the Provider Candidate Form, click here.