Brokers and Consultants

Partnering with Brokers and Consultants is an honor for Triad EAP. We know that you work tirelessly to find the best solutions to the unique needs of each client. We share the same philosophy at Triad. Not every business is the same – so we create an EAP solution that fits their needs. 

We are your trusted partner. Triad EAP is here to help you navigate through the employee assistance world to provide the best solution for your clients. Not every EAP is created the same. Unlike embedded EAPs, Triad is a dedicated EAP provider with customizable products, services, and promotional materials. Unlike bigger EAPs, Triad is more flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients.

Our comprehensive and personalized programs are backed by:

  • a philosophy of treating the whole individual and serving fellow humans – not a number
  • a staff of professionals dedicated to serving our clients
  • a customized network to fit the needs of the organization and geographical areas we serve
  • time-tested EAP services as well as new technology and services to meet the expectations of our clients

Our promise to you is that we will partner with you to best serve the needs of your clients. You can trust that Triad will serve your clients to your standards. 

A good investment

Let’s be honest … you know an EAP is a good investment for employers but your client may not see the benefit. Anecdotal evidence is great but many decision makers include finance directors who want to see a return on investment data.

Dozens of studies have demonstrated that EAP services can produce positive returns for purchasers in direct cost savings from reduced medical, disability, and workers’ compensation claims and even more savings from reducing indirect business cost losses related to poor work performance such as absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover. A comprehensive EAP with solid use produces between a $3 and $10 return for every $1 invested.

The truth is that embedded or “free” EAP solutions provide you exactly what you pay for. The return on investment comes from dedicated EAP providers integrating with and providing actual solutions for the employees, managers, and HR professionals. There’s a lot more that goes in to choosing an EAP. As a small business, we at Triad do understand that providing return on investment isn’t about savings – it’s about value. It is simply beyond the commodity focus or ROI – Triad EAP performs critical functions that aid in every organization’s pursuit of productivity and talent relationship management.

Putting the cost in perspective: the cost of turnover for one social service industry worker with total compensation of $17.73 per hour is estimated to be $3,800. The total annual cost to provide EAP services to an organization of 200 with a 3-session plan with legal and financial coverage is about $4,560. If one employee’s job is saved by the successful use of the EAP, the organization has almost paid for their investment.

The largest financial savings associated with EAP use comes from improved employee productivity and reduced work absence:

  • 57% of cases had improvement in the ability to work productively after use of the EAP
  • 64% of cases with work issues as the primary problem had improvement after EAP use 
  • 46% of all types of cases had improved work productivity
  • Number of “work cut-back” days in past 30 days was reduced from 8.0 to 3.4 days after EAP use*

*Attridge, Amaral, Bjornson, Goplerud, Herilhy, McPherson, Teems, L. (2009). EAP Effectiveness and ROI. EASNA Research Notes.