Not a Triad Customer?

Well … why not?

Triad EAP is a full-service employee assistance program that concentrates fully on providing EAP services to you and your employees. We are not a big company that decided to throw in an EAP as a “value-added” service. We are a dedicated EAP service that focuses on providing the best counseling, EAP promotion, critical incident, and support services to your organization. 

Our philosophy is that your employees are your No. 1 asset. Much effort goes in to support their physical well-being so why not put that same effort into supporting their mental well-being as well? Your employees are facing stressors at work and at home that can affect their productivity, absenteeism, and presenteeism. Left unchecked, it will eventually affect their physical health as well.

Studies have shown that the impact of mental disorders on work productivity costs more than 217 million workdays per year totaling more than $17 billion dollars in annual employer costs.

Depression is seen as the biggest contributor, with workers with depressive disorders had almost four times more health-related lost productive time than non-depressed counterparts. In the 2008 study, EAP application to the treatment of depression in the workplace resulted in a return on investment between 517-647%. In other words, for every dollar spent on EAP services, there was an expected ROI between $5.17 and $6.47.

A Canadian study of more than 80,000 workers released by HR Professionals in 2015, showed an $8.70 ROI for every $1 spent through a combination of improved absenteeism and presenteeism. Other impacts of the study included:
  • 63% of employees said their productivity at work had been impacted in the four weeks prior to reach out to their EAP
  • There was a 35.9% increase in productivity at work after seeking help.
  • Employees reported less time away from work after utilizing their EAP benefits.
  • Almost half of the employees surveyed said they would have lost time at work had they not received help through their EAP.

How can a small benefit do so much?

We partner with each organization to devise a plan to promote your EAP to your employees right from the beginning. We utilize emails, fliers, and cards employees can carry with them in their purse or wallet or put on the fridge at home. Additionally, our promotional emails will keep their EAP benefits fresh in their minds. 

Triad is proud that our average utilization rate is 8.2%, more than double the national average of 3.9%. We believe that the happier your employees are, the more productive they are and the higher your retention rates. It’s a win-win.

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- March/April 2015.