Why Choose Triad?

A carefully crafted benefit’s package helps attract and retain valuable talent and shows your employees you value them, so why would you put any less thought and effort into choosing your employee assistance program?

What was once seen as a small piece of a wellness program is now a critical and necessary element in creating a strong work-life balance and a happy workforce. EAPs are also a dynamic strategic management tool for savvy HR professionals helping them support their management teams.

Why Triad?

Choosing an EAP that works with your organization is an important decision. Effective EAPs partner closely with your Human Resource team to respond and adapt to your organization’s unique needs. Triad is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all EAP. We work with each client to provide individualized services, solutions, and promotional ideas, which is why our average usage is 8.2% -- much higher than the national average of 3.9%. 

A dedicated partnership

Triad EAP only provides employee assistance program benefits that work to support the employee and the organizations in which we serve. We have created a network of highly skilled counselors who share our vision in serving our employees. Backed by the EAP philosophy of the short-term solution based counseling model, we believe in empowering people in finding solutions to the issues they are facing.

Triad is also a resource for strategic problem solving when personnel issues arise: Counseling, conflict resolution, supervisory referrals, crisis support onsite services, trainings, and organizational consultation are all meant to support HR departments and their organizations. Not only do we support the employees of an organization, we work closely with the HR and leadership teams to offer a personalized approach to complex cases and management issues.

High-quality benefit

Triad prides itself on offering a cost-effective, yet high-quality benefit. (For more on Return on Investment, click here.) As a dedicated EAP, we are flexible enough that we can adapt to the unique needs of each client. Need to develop a special provide network in a geographical area? We can do that. Need assistance promoting your EAP? We can do that, too. 

We begin by protecting employee confidentiality. For some employers with counseling services onsite, this is an important concept. You may be missing employees who may be concerned about their confidentiality. Being a third-party administrator of the EAP helps product their confidentiality. 

We also strictly vet our counselors to ensure the highest quality. We choose both male and female counselors who have expertise in a variety of areas to offer employees greater choice and can better meet their needs. Counselors are required to have a minimum of a master’s degree and must carry their own liability insurance. Finally, we need to make sure there are an adequate number of counselors in a geographical area to make it convenient for employees to find help.

Aside from counseling, Triad EAP also provides:

More services will appeal to a broader number of employees. 

A good investment

Anecdotal evidence supporting EAP usage is important – countless stories of people whose lives have been helped through the support of the EAP. But we also understand that organizations want to see hard data supporting their investment.

Dozens of studies have demonstrated that EAP services can produce positive returns for purchasers in direct cost savings from reduced medical, disability, and workers’ compensation claims and even more savings from reducing indirect business cost losses related to poor work performance such as absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover. A comprehensive EAP with solid use produces between a $3 and $10 return for every $1 invested.

The truth is that embedded or “free” EAP solutions provide you exactly what you pay for. The return on investment comes from dedicated EAP providers integrating with and providing actual solutions for the employees, managers, and HR professionals. As a small business, we at Triad do understand that providing return on investment isn’t about savings – it’s about value. It is simply beyond the commodity focus or ROI – Triad EAP performs critical functions that aid in every organization’s pursuit of productivity and talent relationship management.

Putting the cost in perspective: the cost of turnover for one social service industry worker with total compensation of $17.73 per hour is estimated to be $3,800. The total annual cost to provide EAP services to an organization of 200 with a 3-session plan with legal and financial coverage is about $4,560. If one employee’s job is saved by the successful use of the EAP, the organization has almost paid for their investment.

The largest financial savings associated with EAP use comes from improved employee productivity and reduced work absence:

  • 57% of cases had improvement in ability to work productively after use of the EAP
  • 64% of cases with work issues as primary problem had improvement after EAP use 
  • 46% of all types of cases had improved work productivity
  • Number of “work cut-back” days in past 30 days was reduced from 8.0 to 3.4 days after EAP use

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