Crisis Support On-Site

When an unfortunate tragedy occurs at work or involves co-workers, it can affect people differently. People affected by trauma can experience difficulty sleeping, nightmares, moodswings, diffculty concentrating, restlessness, eating too little or too much, or numbness or lack of feeling. All of these reactions are normal reactions and the duration can vary from person to person.

Triad EAP can help consult and triage with management and help you support your employees. 

A survey by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that about 5% of all businesses experienced an incident of workplace violence each year, with this rate being much higher at 50% for larger size organizations with more 1,000 workers. An average of five violent crimes are committed at work each year per 1,000 employees. According to recent OSHA statistics, more than 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. 

The untimely death of an employee or someone who is close to the organization, a robbery, shooting, terrorist attack, natural disaster, and other unfortunate tragedies can have a profound impact on employees. Additionally, organizational upheaval and financial challenges have created unprecedented levels of workplace turmoil -- reductions-in-force, reorganizations, mergers, and other transitions.

Uncertainty, grief, trauma, and depression, even for employees who weren't directly impacted, can show up weeks or months later, and continue to hurt productivity and morale.

Triad can help an organization's leaders prepare, support, and help their people recover from a tragedy. Crisis support services are provided to all of our client organizations, their employees, and dependents on a 24-hour basis.