Support for Human Resources

Traditionally, the focus of the EAP has always been on the employee. Triad saw there is a gap of service: support for Human Resource professionals and your management team. Our strategic management services are created to specifically support you and challenges you and your leadership face to improve productivity and deal with organization, team and individual issues.

The goal: optimizing organizational effectiveness while valuing human capital.

When complex employee issues arise, Triad consultants provide HR professionals with the support you need to create action plans that solve problems. Whether it’s dealing strategic management issues such as challenging employees, resolving conflict, or responding to a serious traumatic event, Triad EAP has the resources, solutions, and expertise to support you and your team.

Triad also provides critical services to employers, such as consultation on workplace productivity issues and training supervisors to recognize changes in employee behavior that may signal underlying personal concerns.  

Our focus has shifted from just the employee to supporting the entire organization. We partner with you, the Human Resource professional and management team to create the foundation of employee care. 

At Triad, we believe in treating the whole employee: helping when problems arise such as when there is a death in the family, work-related stress, or marital problems; and also working proactively such as personal development, life coaching, and setting life goals. 

We also believe in supporting the whole organization: working with employers to solving employee issues of productivity, absenteeism, and presenteeism; and also working with employees to make work-life integration not just a possibility but a reality.