Every employer knows their most important asset is their employees. In a perfect world, you want to provide your employee with the best benefits package offered but we all know that economic and industry conditions put constraints on our budgets. Triad EAP understands this, which is why we offer a fully customized employee assistance program to fit every organization’s budget.

First, we start with the very basic idea of the EAP – mental health counseling. We offer both face-to-face counseling and telephonic counseling but what set’s Triad apart is that we allow the employee to decide which type of counseling is best for them. 

From there, we can build on to the EAP services that would fit best with your budget and the needs of your organization. We offer legal-financiallife coachingwork-life benefits, and Year of Stress Management.

Each individual add-on offers an amazing realm of services that are designed to assist your employees to help with improved work-life integration.

Triad EAP also assists organizations by supporting Human Resource professionals and managers through strategic management resources. From crisis support to assisting the troubled employee, Triad EAP offers guidance, support, and resources to help deal with the impact of organization, group, and individual challenges. 

Take your benefits package beyond health, dental and life insurance and help your employees enjoy life more by providing EAP benefits through Triad.