I recently got a call from a supervisor who went through the (Recognize and Assist the Troubled Employee) class at Supervisor’s Academy saying how much it helped him. He talked about how important it was to learn the signs to look for and the phrases to ask. He said that after he took the class he had an employee who “no showed” for work a few times, and because of what he learned he recognized the signs of someone who may be suicidal. He decided to call for a welfare check and also had a conversation with this person about contemplating suicide. The person was indeed contemplating it, and asked the supervisor for help. The supervisor was able to get him in touch with EAP and the hotline, as well as get his parents involved. This is good work that you do! Thank you again.

Beth McGrath
Human Resources Development Coordinator
City of Grand Junction

The team at Triad is one of the best I have ever worked with. I've been fortunate to collaborate on a few projects with them and cannot say enough great things about how committed they are to outstanding customer service. John, Amy, Marti -- they are all fantastic humans! I look forward to future opportunities to work with Triad and highly recommend their services. Thank you, Triad!!! 

Misty Aaberg
Executive Director
Community Health Services

This service has provided our little firm a lot of support and it's one of my proudest achievements, partnering with you all on behalf of my team.

Sydney Schalit
Former CEO
FootSteps Marketing

Triad EAP has been providing counseling services to the employees of Hilltop Community Resources since 2009, and have demonstrated a true ability to be an important partner with us throughout the entire time.

Triad EAP has an impressive array of counselors with a variety of expertise so that a diverse employee population can find and select just the right professional to meet their needs.  Our employees have had great success in moving through difficult issues by engaging with Triad, or in being appropriately referred for longer term involvement. We find many of our employees value this benefit and Hilltop’s willingness to support them in this meaningful way.

During the rare times of crisis that we inevitably have when working with at risk populations, Triad EAP and (Owner) John Gribben have been immediately accessible and responsive - meeting to do grief counseling with a group of impacted staff when needed, or meeting one on one to address needs individually.

We have also heard from our employees that have accessed the legal services of Triad that they were responded to quickly and matched them with the appropriate attorney to address their concerns.  This benefit is so helpful to people who have no idea where to turn, and the discount offered helps to make the experience affordable and effective.

Triad EAP has made a difference in the lives of so many, and our employees trust the services they will receive and the confidentiality with which it is provided.  I could not think of a better partner for any employer to have than Triad EAP, and highly recommend them as another important and impactful way to show employees you care and are invested in their well-being. 

Lisa Martin
Former Sr. Director of Human Resources
Hilltop Community Resources, Inc. 

As a manager of an emergency service, it is vital to the health of our organization to have an active employee assistance program available to our members to guide them through the tough times that come with our job.  Although this is a chosen profession, we do not choose to latch onto the bad situations that find that neat little place to hide in your psyche.  Triad EAP is also there to assist with the everyday situations that can nag at you and cause undue stress in our lives along with knowing how to help with little hints that can make life easier.

Frank Cavaliere, Chief
Lower Valley Fire District
Fruita, CO

Triad EAP has exceeded my expectations. I have received nothing but good feedback from staff that has used the benefit. There is no end to the level of helpfulness they offer. I am so glad Mesa County chose Triad as our EAP.

Brenda Moore, MBA
HR Manager
Mesa County Human Resources

Quite literally, we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs and support our employees if it weren’t for you and your team. 

Nicole Greener
Vice President of Human Resources
East-West Resorts

The Triad group who answered and called me were very kind, patient and easy to talk to and made it seamless to get scheduled. When experiencing something difficult, that first step can be challenging and everyone put me at ease and were courteous and informed.

EAP User

Triad EAP helped me find the support I desperately needed when it felt like everything good in my life was falling apart. I had never been the type of person to think therapy was an option for me – I saw myself as “stronger” than needing it, strong enough to handle my problems myself. Even after working in mental health for a few months, it was a big realization to me when I decided I needed to find help.

Through Triad, I was connected with a great counselor and thankfully, based on my employer’s plan, received my first six sessions free of charge. She had plenty of experience helping people who had similar issues in the past, and was able to guide me through the most tumultuous time in my life and come out stronger on the other side.

I truly believe that if I had not found my therapist when I did, or if I hadn’t had the benefit of the free sessions, that my life would look a lot different today – my partner and I would have split, I would have lost my job, and had to leave Colorado. I am so thankful for the growth and change I was given the opportunity for, and for the peace of mind knowing the program is still in place and I can rely on it when I need to.

Michelle T.
HR Professional

Triad has been invaluable to our employees when they are faced with various challenges of life. We appreciate their counselors and advisors being available to help throughout the year.

Triad allows our management group to focus on what we do best, while Triad meets these special human resources needs on our behalf. Their pricing is very reasonable and less than if we tried to coordinate these services within our organization. I highly recommend you speak with a Triad representative to determine how they can help you.

Rob Sachs
Former Chief Operating Officer
Dalby, Wendland & CO, CPAs