Strategic Management

Triad EAP has redefined the traditional EAP concept to support our Human Resources departments with management-focused solutions to not only minimize costs and maximize productivity but to also continue our focus on supporting your employees.   

The strategic management services at Triad EAP were created and further developed to:

  • Respond to onsite crisis situations 
  • Assist in addressing employee performance issues
  • Provide resources to Human Resources professionals for substance abuse, conflict resolution, and organizational development challenges
  • Offer professional and personal development by professional trainers

Triad EAP is the support foundation for HR teams and organizational leaders during times of need with resources and trained response teams.

Supervisory Referral

This small but powerful service can help your employees whose performance may be suffering due to personal challenges or mental health issues. Roughly three in four employees indicate they have struggled with at least one issue that affected their mental health. Read more

Conflict Resolution

Unresolved employee conflict is perhaps the largest, least recognized, and yet fixable cost in organizations today. Often, we see conflict as a negative so it's easy to either ignore it or handle it poorly. However, leadership experts have shown that conflict handled well can strengthen an organization. Read more

Crisis Support Onsite

When an unfortunate tragedy occurs at work or involves co-workers, it can affect people differently. People affected by trauma can experience difficulty sleeping, nightmares, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, eating too little or too much, or numbness or lack of feeling. All of these reactions are normal reactions and the duration can vary from person to person. Read more

Other Crisis Support Resources

We can consult with your managers and leadership by phone regarding tragedies or any difficult employee situation. Counselors are available on a 24/7/365 basis for any urgent personal or family crisis Informational handouts on dealing with workplace grief, loss, anger and other feelings in the wake of a workplace tragedy. Read more

Training Programs

Many employees are looking beyond basic benefits from their employers and are wanting more opportunities for personal and professional development.
Training programs are investment in employees that can:
  • Create greater employee loyalty
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve retention figures
  • Help employees transition into management and leadership roles
  • Assist recruitment practices
  • Improve resiliency among workers and raise work stress thresholds Read more

Organizational Development

The foundation of Triad EAP was built on assisting the individuals of the organizations we serve. It was a natural progression to then focus on the entire system: team, department and organization wide activities to build trust; teach conflict management; create commitment; guide and coach leadership; enhance communication skills; and enhance and inspire motivation.
Change is important for organizations to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Without it, organizations lose market share at best or go out of business at worst. However, change can be difficult which is where a seasoned Organizational Development practitioner can help.
Organizational Development pulls together theories from sociology, psychology, and industrial and organizational psychology to focus on change management within an organization. The facilitator often begins with a survey or interviews management to review issues and gain direction. A customized facilitation or training is created. Read more

Leadership Coaching

Leaders provide a lot to an organization and they make it seem effortless. Good leaders guide an organization’s direction and to individual teams; they build morale and foster creativity; they promote core company values; and communicate valuable information to keep the organization running smoothly. Good leaders can really drive an organization, and, conversely, bad leaders can destroy trust and teamwork.

Strong leaders will help grow businesses and inspire employees. Leadership Coaching is an investment in the people leading an organization. Coaching can help develop leaders’ strengths and overcome challenges to create dynamic and engaging leaders. Read more

Substance Abuse Prevention/IntroVentions

Seventy-six percent of illegal drug users are employed either full or part-time. And alcohol is the most widely abused substance among working adults, especially men.

Businesses in the United States pay a high price for substance abuse issues. Some costs are obvious -- accidents, absenteeism, and errors – while others are less obvious – low employee morale and high illness rates. Substance abuse in the workplace costs U.S. employers $100 billion annually, according to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug information. Read more