Substance Abuse Prevention

Seventy-six percent of illegal drug users are employed either full or part-time. And alcohol is the most widely abused substance among working adults, especially men.

Businesses in the United States pay a high price for substance abuse issues. Some costs are obvious -- accidents, absenteeism, and errors – while others are less obvious – low employee morale and high illness rates. Substance abuse in the workplace costs U.S. employers $100 billion annually, according to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug information.

Employees who abuse alcohol or drugs are far less productive; use three times as many sick days; are more likely to injure themselves or others; and are five times more likely to file worker’s compensation claims, according to NCADI.

Triad EAP has partnered with IntroVentions, a leading provider of evidence-based online substance abuse programs for the workplace in the areas of prevention and intervention. The program is an add-on benefit for organizations who can participate in both the prevention and intervention programs, just one or neither. 

The prevention program can be used during onboarding programs with new employees and as remedial training for existing employees. “Alcohol-Wise Workplace” is tailored to your company’s alcohol and drug policies. The interactive course provides information on the risk levels for the employee’s use of alcohol and drugs. For employees identified as at-risk, online intervention programs are then available.

Two programs are offered for intervention goals -- if substance use has been suspected or established: “Under the Influence Workplace” (to address alcohol issues) and “Marijuana 101” (to address marijuana-specific issues). These programs include evidenced-based online intervention programs and tailored summary report of substance abuse related problems. An Extended Intervention program part 2 is also offered to complement both programs, which includes four follow-up interventions through a 30-day period.

Fast Facts
  • Every four minutes, someone in the United States dies from drug or alcohol addiction – the equivalent of a jet crashing every day.
  • 20 million Americans are suffering
  • 23 million more are in recovery
  • 1 in 3 households are personally impacted
  • Addiction costs the United States $442 billion every year – 70% of which comes from lost productivity in the private sector
  • Addiction doesn’t just impact families and communities – it’s impacting the American economy