Support for Students

Whether you’re 18 or 80, getting a college education is a unique and rewarding experience. It’s an inimitable time where journeys begin, doors open, and lifelong memories are made. However, every student knows that oftentimes there is more than one price tag that comes with the experience of higher education.

Balancing college with emotional, physical, and mental health can feel like walking barefoot on a tightrope between skyscrapers while juggling. It’s no wonder that the American Psychological Association is becoming increasingly concerned about mental health on campuses. In a survey from 2012, the APA found that 41.6% of college students suffer from anxiety, while 36.4% battle with depression. Relationship problems accounted for 35.8% of students’ stressors on campus.

If not addressed properly, these issues can have a devastating effect on not only education but every aspect of a student’s life, including their preparedness for life after college.

Unfortunately, campuses can be ill-equipped to empower students who struggle with their mental health. The APA also found that “19% of directors report the availability of psychiatric services on their campus is inadequate.”

Triad’s Student Support can offer campuses a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable way to support every type of student. Let Triad’s Student Support Program help empower your students to overcome mental hurdles and become the creators, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow.

Why Work with Triad EAP?

During business hours (8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday) we can provide in-the-moment support and crisis support is provided by Master’s level counselors after hours.

Professional counselors are available for face-to-face counseling or telephonically based on the preference of the student. The program is open to all students, including those living out of the area even in another state. A wealth of useful and fun information online including fitness do's and don'ts, building healthy relationships, feng shui tips, pet care basics, landlord/tenant legal forms, and much more.

Triad’s ongoing promotional materials are top quality and can be branded with the school's look and feel for no charge. Ongoing coordination and communication with key college departments and the on-campus mental health program to encourage as much visibility and use as possible.

Student Support Services

Triad's Student Support Network provides students with free resources, guidance, and the support needed to better cope with everyday challenges and stay focused on their academic success. Help students balance priorities, no matter how they stack up.

The Student Support Program doesn't replace existing school programs, financial aid, or academic support, but is a value-added resource to help today's students stay in school and prevent financial losses to the school.


Comprehensive support by professional counselors anytime day or night by phone or online to help students successfully navigate the rigors and challenges of college life. Students can receive instant support whenever and wherever they need it.

School and Life Consultations and Resources

Our qualified School/Life consultants and personal coaches provide information, resources, and referrals for a range of issues that students must balance on top of academics. Consultants are qualified to perform provider searches for child and elder care, and community resources. Student Support also integrates with existing student support programs, and provides a referral source to other appropriate student benefits and services. Twenty-four-hour access to live support is available by phone, email, text, or eSessionCONNECT technology, which allows access to instant online help.

Legal and Financial Assistance

Financial Assist provides students comprehensive financial support in order for them to concentrate on school, not their financial worries. With Legal Assist, students can obtain qualified legal support before their issues impact their academics.