EAP Benefits Orientation

If you fell down and broke your leg skiing, you wouldn’t jump back up, leg dangling, and say, “I’m fine! Let’s keep going!” But so many times, this is what we try doing when we are depressed, anxious, or dealing with grief. We put on a brave face and say, “I’m fine. Everything’s fine!” When in reality it’s not.

Helping your employees to see the benefits of mental health counseling is one of the first steps incorporating Triad EAP for your benefits plan and it’s how we set the stage in your EAP Benefit’s Orientation. 

Just because you can’t see the injury doesn’t mean it’s not there. So, we attempt to take the stigma out of seeking help for mental health, and then we establish trust by letting people know their benefits are kept confidential by an outside organization. Barriers to treatment are removed because the service is free and provided by the employer.

The EAP Orientation is a service provided to you by Triad EAP either in person or remotely. In conjunction with our year-long promotional efforts, the orientation serves to inform employees of the scope of their EAP services. 

This helps increase utilization: higher utilization means more employees seeking help, which means better results for your organization. It’s a win-win.