Our Story

In the fall of 1999, Triad EAP co-founder John Gribben was having dinner with Dr. Carol Giffin-Jeansonne and Father Tom Noesen, O.P., a Franciscan priest. John and Carol had just formed the Organizational Development Team, a consulting group providing training and organizational needs assessments for employers which would also combine with a small employee assistance program. The wine was flowing as the three brainstormed ideas of what to call the new company.

Fr. Noesen explained that for Christians, numerals often have great spiritual significance and that the number three refers to the Trinity, and means that you are receiving divine protection, help, and guidance; it is the number of completion that expresses a beginning, middle, and an end.  He also said that a three-legged stool is stable, especially when compared to other stools especially on uneven ground.  For Triad EAP, the three legs represent the organization, its employees, and their EAP, which provides support during “uneven” or turbulent times, and when employees experience personal tragedies and challenges.

The original Triad logo depicted interlocking rings also known as Borromean rings: three circles together to form a Brunnian link. If any link is removed the result is two unlinked rings making the three rings inseparable. The pattern’s strength lies in the interconnection of all three rings making it a symbol of strength and unit.

This symbol can also indicate the unity of mind, body, and spirit and has been used through centuries to signify integrity and interdependence of all existence.

Triad has stayed true to its roots of creating a strong partnership between the EAP, the organization, and its employees. We pride ourselves on being a boutique EAP that is dedicated to guiding our clientele to a better place with warmth and respect -- employees as they contend with personal challenges, and leaders as they deal with employee performance problems, the death of an employee, a robbery, an assault, or a major accident. Supporting employees boosts a company’s bottom line … it’s also the right thing to do.

We are passionate about serving others. Our staff are encouraged to be self-directed; enjoy a fast-paced environment; are resilient, flexible, and detail oriented; able to maintain healthy boundaries; and appreciates life outside of work. Our vision is to provide client services that are so diverse and empowering that every individual we serve will be inspired to reach their greatest potential. 

Triad also strives to support the community in which we live and play by adopting a nonprofit. We provide EAP services free of charge for two years for a local nonprofit. For Christmas, we identify a local organization to which to contribute our time and/or resources. Recent recipients of this include Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation, Roice-Hurst Humane Society, and Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley.

Triad strongly believes in contributing to our local communities through active participation on various nonprofit boards, events, and financial contributions. In particular, since we partner with human service organizations, we believe in financially supporting their efforts. Organizations we’ve contributed to in the past few years includes the Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation, Western Colorado Congress, HopeWest Hospice and Palliative Care, the Tamarisk Coalition, the Hope Center, Aspen Strong Foundation, Friends First, Diabetes Counts, Grand Mesa Nordic Council, The House, Project Healing Waters, Colorado Discover Ability, Strive, Junior Service League of Grand Junction, Kiwanis, Fire Football Club, Western Colorado Human Resources Association, and the Roice-Hurst Humane Society.

We are passionate about serving our clients and our communities and it shows. Here are a few comments from our March 2017 customer survey:

  • “Responses have been timely. Services have been terrific.”
  • “The (EAP) staff have consistently assisted me in finding my employees’ EAP support in different cities in the country.”
  • “We loved the training we received at start-up.”
  • “Love the informational flyers and the seminars you offer.”
  • “So far you have everything we were looking for in an EAP.”
  • “Always very responsive.”
  • “Definitely fits our budget and is worth it.”
  • “Triad and its employees are extremely responsive and helpful. Keep up the GREAT work.”
  • “You are an important resource for us.”
  • “Triad is always very responsive to plan recommendations and updates.”
  • “Anyone who doesn’t have an EAP would clearly benefit from Triad. I recommend them to everyone.”

Fast facts

Started in November 1999

Colorado EAP of the Year, 2009

Mission: Triad EAP is dedicated to guiding our clientele to a better place of balance through warmth, respect, and authenticity.