Life Coaching

Life coaching is a proactive approach to dealing with personal and professional growth. Different from counseling, coaching focuses on individual goals and provides information, insight, and collaboration. Life coaching is a proactive, solution-based program that works with people in their present situation to improve future outcomes. 

If life coaching is part of your employer’s plan, like counseling, it’s free and confidential. And just like counseling, we have fully vetted our coaches for credentialing to ensure they are qualified and have insurance. We have also established boundaries with life coaches so they know when it is appropriate to refer clients to the EAP for issues needing counseling rather than coaching. 

Though counseling is an effective mode of working through personal challenges, it often has a stigma attached to it, preventing some from reaching out for help when they need it most. Life coaching has become a popular alternative to counseling, providing a proactive, empowered approach to life improvement. 

Life coaching works on individual rather than organizational goals and offers the employee support in making changes and reaching their goals. Employees could use life coaching to improve communication, enhance relationships, create life goals and missions, get in touch with their values, and find direction. 

This benefit provides up to five sessions per year and can take anywhere between 15 to 90 minutes. Sessions can take place by phone, video chat, and/or in person. Immediate family are not eligible for life coaching.