Organizational Development

The foundation of Triad EAP was built on assisting the individuals of the organizations we service. It was a natural progression to then focus on the entire system: team, department and organization wide activities to build trust; teach conflict management; create commitment; guide and coach leadership; enhance communication skills; and enhance and inspire motivation.
Change is important for organizations to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Without it, organizations lose market share at best or go out of business at worst. However, change can be difficult which is where a seasoned Organizational Development practitioner can help.
Organizational Development pulls together theories from sociology, psychology, and industrial and organizational psychology to focus on change management within an organization. The facilitator often begins with a survey or interviews management to review issues and gain direction. A customized facilitation or training is created.
The goal of the interventionist, in broad terms, is to literally “work themselves out of a job” by:
  • creating employee awareness of goals and visions of the organization
  • developing trust and mutual collaboration within the team or unit
  • strengthening interpersonal communication, connection and cooperation
  • providing employees with tools and skills such as conflict resolutions and emotional intelligence to allow them to move forward within assistance of a third party
  • developing leadership skills for succession planning
Shifting cultural norms in any organization takes time and dedication to the process laid out by the facilitator/interventionist. Organizational Development works at bringing in to alignment an organization’s culture, strategy, processes, structure and mission/vision along with the change management initiative and provides strategic tactics that help ensure the change initiative is successful throughout the organization.