Support for HR

Dear Human Resource Partners,

This is a stressful time for every profession and every industry. We find that glue that is holding every organization together is their Human Resources Department and Triad EAP is here to support you. 

This toolkit is full of information -- articles, webinars, handouts and resources -- to support you and your organization through this unique and challenging time. Let your staff know that the toolkit is here for their use as well with resources for coping with mental health challenges; information for leaders; how-to articles and handouts for couples, parents and families; and support for people who may be in crisis or find themselves facing emotions they've never before experienced.

As Human Resource professionals, you've been tasked with supporting the leaders of your organizations, pivoting your own departments, answering questions you may not know the answers to, possible or probable layoffs, return to work challenges, and dealing with your own mental health and familial issues. We are here for you and your organization. 

Beyond this toolkit, you will find additional resources in the Document Library that will help you navigate Direct Services, layoffs and crises. If you don't know how to get to the Document Library or you've forgotten your password, just give us a call 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday at 877-679-1100 and we'll get you set up. And, as always, we are here to answer your questions or help with any issues you may be facing. 

We may not be in the same boat, but we are in the same storm. We are always here to support you.

-- Your Triad Family