For now, we are strongly recommending telehealth counseling for all authorizations through Triad EAP. 


Triad’s decision is for these reasons:

  • We value the health and safety of our providers and the employees seek counseling. We have been sending consistent messaging to our providers as well as providing warnings to employees calling for authorizations. However, we realize the best method of protecting the health and wellbeing of providers and clients is telehealth.
  • Social responsibility is one of our core values. More information is being released about the potential of overloading our healthcare systems. Triad EAP provides services to many healthcare systems throughout our state and we want to support them by doing our part by “flattening the curve.” Please watch this video about how social distancing can do that.
  • Looking out for the at-risk populations throughout the United States through social distancing is also important. Many of the employees who are looking for support are healthy, but we also realize that there is a portion of people who are considered high risk and we want to protect them through social distancing. Here is a great article that supports this reasoning.


We aren’t sure the timeline for COVID-19 and we are monitoring CDC and WHO websites often. You can get the most current information on our website by visiting and clicking on the EAP Toolkit link at the top of the page, then scroll to the COVID-19 Info page. We will continue to communicate with you as we get updates.